Https // In 2021
Https // In 2021

Https // In 2021


Sarumpun.comHttps // and https //renovação. educação., https // concert With the aim to maximize & automatic productivity and process flow of the Department, the Department of Homathy make a deal with keltron to develop Web-based Information System-based application Homoeopathy (Software automation & management system management system) in 2012.

The main module which planned to run the functionality of the statistics of the Hospital, the Management of the stock of drugs and Distribution, Management of the camp medical, fund allocation and utilization, Asset Management, Management Communication. Department Homoopathy do different meetings to review the development of the Ahms with members of Keltron.

Major milestones are

  • Software development AHiMS
    a. The department began to run the software based test on April 2019
    pilot base in September 2019 in Kasaragod and Mode utility since April 2020
    B. implemented all the modules of the 2020 report ad April is being made
    c. The Domain is registered-https/ahims.kerala. gov. in
    d. Hosted @ state data centre
  • a. both of them are offline
    b. video presentation of the Online and hard copy of the manual work is also made available
  • elp support
    Ahim Coordinator A. and it cell of the Convention given the cost of the admin state
    B. 14 District admin also gives accusations of tracing the problem to the local level data collection.
    c. report a bug system reported to the Keltron and the right time
  • User friendliness
    A. comrades fellow software that enabled the collection of data from the NHM formally trained and of the dispensation and the institution of a regular in another district.
    b. the software can be accessed via your android phone with the settings of the desktop site.
  • Additional features
    module A. fever efficient distribution of HIB in the state.
    the activity of the b. cfltc
    c. LSGD annual project collection of data and assets module
    d. Vacancy position with the post sanctions
    module a budget e.
    f. Survey – HIB data collecton
  • Excess
    a. Date collection and a report is produced with all the modules.
    software b is enabled for the collection of data regularly, NHM (APHC) and the institute SCP
    c. Software improved streamlining of the data field,to save you time & information without delay in the compilation at the level of the institution/District / state.
    d. save money – it also serves to reduce the consumption of the monthly paper, the use of printer ( if we assume the average monthly fee to complete the statement of monthly including postal charges including tax US 80 / Agency, the Department of savings of more than 80,000 per month)
  • Future
    a. in the year 2021-22, AHiMS is enhanced by the management system of the appointment of citizens and develop the scope of other modules together with a mobile app.
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