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155 views – According to a statement from the Presidential Human Resources Office, the platform was prepared under the slogan “Education is Everywhere” to reduce bureaucracy in the public sector, to use human resources effectively, to improve the quality of training and development activities of public personnel, to use public resources effectively and to work on Digital Turkey.

The platform,” “it was made available to the employees of all public institutions and organizations at the Internet address.

The office identified the need for training for public personnel as of March last year, when it began to study the educational processes in the public sector. It was envisaged that it would be the most effective method to meet this need through a digital platform, taking into account the widespread presentation, time and cost criteria.

The Office of the president Salim Atay-led research, in line with public personnel both at home and abroad in the form of video and presentation of the educational process, where both can be followed live classroom activities, measurable, and all public employees prepared for a portal that can be used by all public institutions and local and National Distance Education software is planned to be submitted to the services. In this context, Distance Education Gate platform studies have been started since May 2019.

The first meeting on publicizing the Distance Learning Gate platform was held on October 7, 2019 at the Presidential Complex with the participation of 49 managers and representatives from 16 ministries, 8 institutions. At the meeting, consultations were held on more effective and efficient use of the portal in public institutions.

In order to support the process in Turkey, to continue the training of public personnel, to improve the quality and efficiency of services, the Distance Learning Gate has been launched today while continuing to work and train digitally within the scope of COVID-19 measures all over the world. The platform was first used as part of in-house trainings for part- and full-time employees of the Presidential Human Resources Office.

  • Orientation, in-service or compulsory trainings can be conducted

Orientation, in-service or compulsory trainings of all public institutions and organizations can be carried out through the Distance Education Door. Trainings on the portal can be in the form of a unit, a unit, a video or a presentation.

In video tutorials, the user is prevented from fast-forward the video, allowing the user to watch it in person until the end of the training.

History information such as when users started training, how long they spent in training, is kept in the system.
By the end of each training, if there is an exam assigned to the training, the exam screen automatically opens for the user.

In addition, many employees working at home and abroad are offered independent training from a common physical location through a Distance Learning Door. A lively classroom environment is provided by distance education. It is envisaged that time and material resources will be saved by the widespread use of live classes. Live classroom activities are recorded and then the training can be watched again.

There is also a measurement and evaluation exam module that can be used after each unit or training at the Distance Learning Gate. With the reporting system included in the platform, numerical data on the number of trainings, access times to training, performance in post-training exams and so on can be generated and presented to authorized persons and units.

All educational content needed by the Presidential Human Resources Office and all other public institutions and organizations can be uploaded to the Distance Learning Gate platform.

While all public institutions and organizations are defined in the system, the general directorates of personnel of the institutions that show interest can identify the appropriate personnel responsible for training with the authority of the administrator to the system.

Thus, the personnel responsible for the training at the relevant institution can be assigned prepared trainings, and they can present the training processes related to the personnel of the institution in the number and type they want in a remote, widespread, individual or open classroom environment and in a measurable way.

  • Reporting is available

The ability to receive reports on trainings and results received from the system on the basis of users, institutions and training stands out as one of the greatest conveniences provided by the Educational Gate to institutions.

Institutions can issue certificates to users who have participated in trainings through the Distance Learning Gate.

In addition, public employees can challenge other users who have received the same trainings as themselves with the “One-on-ONE” mobile application included in the Distance Learning Gate platform and collect points according to the number of correct answers. Thus, it is aimed to make Distance Education Gate trainings more fun and highly motivated.

With the training remote gate service received by the Office of human resources human resources for the country’s Presidential efficiently be able to take the necessary training and consultancy service to develop themselves on modern techniques that should be used is also planned.

The portal will include professional trainings that public employees should receive, as well as personal development trainings. Through the Distance Education Door, various personal development trainings prepared by an institution that will benefit other public employees will also be able to be shared efficiently with all public personnel through a common pool.

Regardless of the time and physical location of the public personnel spread throughout the country, increasing the variety and quality of their training, development and contribution to the country is expected to increase productivity in services.

The presidential office of human resources distance education offered by the door, contributing to the development of personal skills and competences of public employees, in addition to the presidential Presidential Presidential Offices, ministries, 16, 10 with the introduction of free public service with presidential 3.3 million employees, aims to support the effective use of public resources.

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