Best Place To Trade Cryptocurrency
Best Place To Trade Cryptocurrency

Best Place To Trade Cryptocurrency

70 views – If you get on this page, of course you’re already familiar with Bitcoin and may already have it. The next step you can trade or sell Bitcoin is to be able to get profit from digital asset Bitcoin you have.

Here are 15 website trading Bitcoin Indonesia the best in the market of crypto, better trading site for local and global are frequently used by the crypto community in Indonesia.


The door is exchange cryptocurrency that has been registered in Bappebti in February 2020.

The door provides six coins that You can trade, namely Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), Tether (USDT), IDRT, and IDRTB.

Deposit fee at the Door is free, while for the withdrawal fee is only charged by 0.5% +Rp.4,500.

You are free to do the transaction in the Door every day because deposit and withdraw in the instant the Door 24/7.

With only 50,000 You can start trading on the Door, Door application can be downloaded in the PlayStore or the AppStore.

Door application easy to use, making it suitable for novice traders to learn new trading.

Indodax is one of the trading site Bitcoin the biggest most first established in Indonesia.

Stand the first time in 2013 with the name of which later changed its name to

Then, id is re-enabled separately as a place to sell/buy the asset crypto. To sign up to Indodax, you can read this article.

My account also a website trading Bitcoin Indonesia that plays in the market of crypto is active.

Depart from a plant Bitcoin mining, launch site trading since 2017 ago.

In addition to via desktop, you can also use the my account through the mobile app and downloading it through the PlayStore.

My account has tokennya own named ANA Coin and the cost of trading will become cheaper with the use of ANA Coin.

For a tutorial register in my account, you can read it here.


Different from the other, TokoCrypto is a one of website trading Bitcoin Indonesia that do not provide the order book.

TokoCrypto is OTC (On the Counter) where the transaction of sale and purchase of Bitcoins happens directly between users without the market.

With OTC, sometimes the price of BTC can be higher and give you more profit for the trader.

Same as Indodax and my account, Tokocrypto can also be used via application mobile. Here’s how to list in Tokocrypto.


ZiMex is the exchange which provides excellent buy sell Bitcoin or assets crypto in Indonesia.

This exchange was already registered in Bappebti so that the status is legal to run its operations in the country.

ZipMex is quite easy to use for those of you who are still beginners.

UpBit Indonesia

UpBit is a trading site of origin South Korea’s entry into the Indonesian market.

UpBit is exchange is the largest in Korea and at the beginning of the year 2019 is starting to enliven the market of crypto Indonesia.

UpBit also have mobile apps that are responsive enough for users who prefer trading with mobile phones. Users can already use UpBit with a deposit Rupiah.


LUNO is the platform exchange that comes from the Uk and have been in the market of crypto Indonesia since 2014.

LUNO provides a feature that is very user-friendly for users who still amateur.

Platform LUNO is very easy to use and the digital assets that are available there BTC and ETH. You can register on LUNO by reading the following guide. How To Play Bitcoin


Triv is a portal of digital currency that includes not only the assets crypto but also Paypal. You can buy bermacan macam digital currency through the platform Triv.

Triv launch the Tpro as a special platform for the trade of assets crypto such as Bitcoin and assets crypto other.


Bitocto is a website trading Bitcoin Indonesia has been operating since 2018.

Bitocto provide a service to sell and buy digital assets easily and securely.

You can visit the website Bitocto, sign up, and start trading on the platform Bitocto.


The CEO of Binance, CZ, set up Binance in 2017 and is developing so rapidly today.

Binance becomes a place of trading Bitcoin best because the volume is large and likuidaitas promising.


OKEx is the exchange country of origin China already began to enliven the Indonesian market. OKEx is one of the Top 10 exchange largest in the world.

Recently OKEx launched a project Inital Exchange Offering (IEO) first and horrendous community with profit 10x fold.

If you like the site trading Bitcoin have access to a digital asset of China, OKEx can be your choice to trade.


Different from the on-premises exchange other that provide deposit in Rupiah, Tokenomy only offers crypto-to-crypto trading.


Huobi is another exchange that originated in China and one of the exchange largest in the world.

Huobi offers a trading experience that is safe for its users globally.

Huobi have started to operate in Indonesia and you can view the website in English.


Bityard is a platform to exchange cryptocurrency world’s leading headquartered in Singapore.

These exchanges serve the fans of crypto in 150 countries to trade assets that are safe, easy and quick.

Moreover, Bityard also have the facility of margin trading with leverage up to 100x.

This makes it easy for users who have a small capital to be able to join the trading on this platform.


Remitano is a stock exchange cryptocurrency with the peer to peer systems in which the buyers and sellers of cryptocurrency can meet each other and buy or an offer price of crypto in accordance with their wishes.

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